About X-LS

Über X-LS

X-LS was founded in Heidelberg (Germany) in 2001 by two women who to this day remain active in a wide variety of translation-related fields. The X-LS team also specializes in an array of thematic areas spanning everything from technical translations (including documentation and software localization), medical and pharmaceutical texts, and business and financial content to contracts and other official documents.

In addition to having attended many international exhibitions and conferences across Germany over the years, both of the company's founders have extensive experience living and working abroad. Since 2010, X-LS has also maintained a branch office in Paris to meet the needs of both French customers and German companies focusing on their neighbors to the west.

Quality, professionalism, and enthusiasm -- these are the pillars of the services X-LS provides.

Everything we do is designed to fulfill our customers' needs to the letter. With our extensive service portfolio and team of inventive, motivated professionals, X-LS is ready to help you transcend borders in your business.